Interior Design For Small Spaces

Interior Design For Small Spaces

Nowadays, most of us have to live in smaller spaces than we want; the apartments and houses are usually way too expensive, so we need to settle with something smaller and less spacious. Although a small house or apartment is far from what we consider an ideal house, we can still make it look and feel like what we want and need. Effective and efficient interior designing for small spaces is absolutely necessary if we want to create an ideal place for us and the people we love, regardless of space. Sometimes living with less can be more.

When decorating a small space there are a few tips and hints you need to keep in mind:

Pick a decorating style that fits your needs and your preferences. Flexibility and versatility are the main themes; keeping it minimal is always recommended because in most cases when you put too many things in one place it tends to feel clogged and heavy. A small space should allow you to breathe and when it's too occupied it obviously doesn't allow you to move properly. A clogged small space can also look pretty cluttered even if nothing belongs to the "cluttered" category.

Choosing small and versatile pieces of furniture is suitable when considering the interior design for small spaces. There are small things that can make a difference; for instance opting for a sofa and a chair rather than a huge complex can make the room look bigger and warmer. Large pieces can definitely add to the appeal of the room, but they have to be quite well chosen in order to allow you to create the ensemble you want without feeling too heavy.

Even if you do not believe in Feng Shui, it is recommended to consider where to place each item and piece of furniture. Do not place furniture close or in front of doors, try to keep windows free and use the vertical space. Use paintings and wall units to make the room look bigger and more spacious.

Play with colors; it is known that colors can add to the charm of the room regardless of its size. In some cases, when you have small spaces, you can paint them in light and warm colors and make them appear bigger and friendlier. The color palette is a core aspect of the interior design for small spaces because it can have a soothing effect in the room and in your mood. If you feel like adding some darker tones in parts of the walls or some deep shades you can give some space more depth. Painting pale tones make the room appear larger, while colors such as purple and blue can make the room look playful and nice. Layering colors is another tip you can use, because you can have the same effect even adding a few colors rather than going for a monochromatic choice.

When you have a small space your interior design style should make sure that the space feels good, neat and open.